Speakers & abstracts of the Seminar with title «Present & Future in high occupancy buildings design»


Dr. George Iliadis
member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Institute for the Fire Protection of Structures

Hellenic Institute for the Fire Safety of Structures, Νew National Fire Protection Regulation

ELIPYKA is the newly established Institute on Fire Safety of Constructions. Members of ELIPYKA are some of the most active and innovative companies in Greece, that are dealing with Fire protection and safety and producing advanced certified fire rated materials and systems, design and engineer solutions for fire protection in buildings. Distinguished scientists from almost all technical universities of Greece are contributing with their expertise as members of the technical committee of ELIPYKA.

New National Fire Protection Regulation is in force. A regulation that it should adapt the most recent developments in European standards, product classification on fire protection/reaction and extended application, to provide detailed solutions for fire protection designers, to enhance the inspection procedures for acceptance of passive fire protection systems installation and, in general, to provide an accurately integrated legislation for fire safety in buildings.

ELIPYKA initiates a productive dialogue among all sectors of Hellenic construction businesses regarding the implementation of the new NFPR and provides a solid basis of constructive proposals in the direction of qualitative design, integrated training and system certification schemes.


Mathieu Meur
Director, DP Architects

Trends in Façade Design

In this presentation, we take a look at how the facade and cladding industry is likely to evolve in future in order to respond to climate change and evolving public expectations. Firstly, we will consider the upcoming techniques that are disrupting the facade design process. Next, we will consider new technologies, systems and materials that will make up the facades of tomorrow.


David Campbell
GIFireE Regional Director of Fire ComplianceThomas Bell-Wright International Consultants

Compliance Trends in Global Fire Certifications

I will discuss what is testing, certification and Assessments. Will talk about the various testing and the importance of testing materials and systems to the correct test methods. Will discuss how historically testing on its own was accepted and highlight how with testing compliance was circumnavigated. Will talk about the various forms of assessments and how desktop reviews do not ensure compliance. Will talk about Multi listings and Cross Listings. The benefits of certification and how Certification provides assurance of repeatability of the tested product to achieve compliance. Will talk about the process (steps undertaken) of certification and the monitoring to ensure compliance. And will close it out with the need for tested and certified systems to be installed by qualified and trained installers approved by the manufacturer and inspected by recognised qualified site supervision specialist consultants and / or accredited 3rd party specialist inspection agencies.


Adrian Brown
Fire Safety Advisor / General Directorate of Dubai Civil Defense

Grenfell - A «Perfect Storm» or Regulatory Shortfall?

This session reviews current findings regarding the root cause of the fire development and the speakers Hypothesis together with a snapshot of relevant section of the Building Regulations in comparison to the formal Approval system and process in place for Dubai Civil Defence. The presentation will touch on the lessons learned from recent high rise fires in Dubai, the root cause and current measures in place in order to mitigate and manage the risk by both first principles fire engineering, operational intervention and intelligence led Risk Profiling.


Angelos Zografos
Technical Sales Engineer, Elval Colour

Façade: Design for quality

George Manos
Certifications Engineer & CTS, Elval Colour

Façade: Design for quality

This presentation highlights the most important parameters which lead to the realization of high quality and safe facade systems. It reviews the role of proper specification, the significance of the quality management system during the production and the criticalness of the correct design of the facade system. Moreover, the essentiality of the experimental assessment of both materials and facade as a system is analyzed and finally the necessity of the development of mechanisms which ensure the exact realization of the design is discussed.


"Future Trends in Building Envelopes" Conference - 16/10/2014


Pedro Bayon Vicente
Product Manager Coils and Extrusions EMEA, PPG
"Innovation αnd Colour Trends for Coated Aluminium"


Bernard Gilmont
Director Building Sector, European Aluminium Association (EAA)
"Past, Present, and Future; EU Legislation Affecting Building Products"


Daniel Pfanner
Dipl. Eng., Partner - Managing Director Façade Engineering, Bollinger+Grohmann Ingenieure
"Obstacles in Façade Engineering for High Performance Buildings"


Alexandros Vazakas
Architect, Lecturer, School of Architectural Engineering, Technical University of Crete, Digital Fabrication Laboratory
"Exploring a Material: Aesthetics, Geometry and Craft from the Object to the Building Scale"


Hans Bloem
European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport - Renewable Energy Unit
"Energy Performance BuilDings (EPBD) and near Zero Energy Buildings (nZEB) in Relation to Renewable Energy and Integration in the Energy Infra-Structure"


Abdulmajid Karanouh
Αrch. Eng., Director of Façade Department, Ramboll Group, Middle East
"Challenging Façades 3-D Design"


Elias Constantopoulos
Architect, Professor, University of Patras, President, Hellenic Institute of Architecture
"The Depth of Surfaces: Contemporary Architectural Shells", 


Hans Dekker
Managing Director - Owner, Creative Cladding Co, Netherlands
"3-D Facades"


Odd Klev
Architect, Founding Partner a-lab,
Charles Marsden
Architect, Associate Partner a-lab
"α-lab 2005-2015: Development of Façades in a Northern Climate"



Present and Future of Facade Design in High-Rise Buildings. Trends, Developments & Fire Protection Seminar - 19/06/2018

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